I am an architect with a huge passion for hand drawing and history.

I combined these passions by portraying historical buildings and monuments, as a way to revive them and to keep them alive.

I believe hand drawing should still play a crucial role even in the digital era and architects should not dislearn to represent architecture through ‘traditional” tools. My drawings are made by using mainly graphite, by pencils from 6H to 9B.

I like to push the drawing to its limits to reach a level of strong realism to the point where it becomes hard to distinguish whether the drawing is still a drawing or it becomes something stronger. My goal is to push this limit even further.

Drawing is a passion for me and an addiction, but it also requires a huge patience and despite being very time-consuming, it can be very relaxing and distressful.

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San Nicola Tower – PISA, XII century (50 x 70 cm)

This is a very particular tower for it is Pisa second leaning tower. It was built as a “mock up” for the famous belltower of the cathedral. The cilidrical body of the building is crowned by a series of romanesque arches just like the famous tower of Pisa. The top part consists in an exagonal belfry.

Sant’ Agata’s Chapel , Pisa XII century (50 x 70 cm )

This is a very special chapel located in Pisa, Tuscany. It was built in the 12th century and I find it unique for its unusual shape. I like the geometrical volumes by which it is composed and the textures of the old bricks.