Marino the surfer mouse is a soft sculpture, entirely handmade with the needle felting technique. He spends most of his time hanging at the beach, waiting to catch some tubular waves. No surfer dude is complete without his little surfer girl, so when Marino isn’t paddling on his surfboard he likes to spend some time with his loved one – Rhonda. Since he is a romantic kinda guy he especially enjoys watching the sunset with her in front of the sea. They’ve also got a friend, Gastone, who scoots around the beach boulevard in his trademark red motorcycle! He’s a rebel without a cause and is known for his wild and free spirit.

In other words the Three Little Cats Shop, created by Francesca from Italy, is like a little enchanted world populated by tiny cute animals, surrounded by colorful flowers and painted with whimsical art, all totally inspired by the beauty of nature.

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