Turns out babies move around way more than anyone has ever realised. Studies suggest that once babies become mobile, they can cover anywhere between one and seven kilometers in a single day. Huggies® wanted to bring this fact to life and show moms that their moving babies need nappies designed specifically for the job. Think about it. You wouldn’t run a marathon in a pair of jeans, would you? Well, the same principle applies to diapers. And this is the logic that underpins The World’s First Baby Marathon.

Driven by real data collected by specially-designed, wearable distance-tracking devices, the campaign follows four ridiculously cute and decidedly amusing babies, as they crawl and toddle their way through twenty-one adult-length kilometers in the comfort of their own homes. The marathon plays out on the website (babymarathon.co.za) and their progress is packaged as four humorous, and sometimes rather dramatic, online episodes.

The result is a campaign that is part experiment, part product demo, part web series. The result is four babies wobbling bravely where no baby has wobbled before: The World’s First Marathon for Babies. Brought to you by Huggies®. Comfy gear for moving babies.

More info: babymarathon.co.za

The World’s First Baby Marathon: Trailer

The World’s First Baby Marathon: Episode 1

The World’s First Baby Marathon: Episode 2