Inspired by idea to present Vilnius city in a different and unusual way creative team INDIVA wrote, directed and produced a short video clip which invites to visit the capital of Lithuania.

The main idea of the video was to combine fascinating city views and amazing tricks of football to create an unexpected tour where football players of FC “Žalgiris“ (they are the champions of Lithuania) turn into city guides.

We used very live and dynamic manner of filming – camera moves all the time, it seems that you are running after the ball and exploring the city in your own person.

Why had we called our video “Vilnius – the Green White City”? This name came because of the clothing of FC “Žalgiris” but not only. Vilnius is one of the greenest capitals in Europe and on the same time it is full of white like Cathedral Basilica, hill of Three Crosses, White Bridge and so much more! Follow the ball and welcome to our Green White city, welcome to Vilnius!