After a successful story of my “follow me to” series on Dhaka city of Bangladesh ,we set a new goal to Complete this series on entire Bangladesh . There are 8 divisions in Bangladesh.We stared our journey and it took around a year to complete 8 divisions of Bangladesh . It is our final series .

Follow Me to Sylhet Division

Sylhet Division also known as Greater Sylhet is the northeastern division of Bangladesh, named after its main city, Sylhet. It is bordered by the Indian states of Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura to the north, east and south, respectively; and by the Bangladeshi divisions of Chittagong to the southwest and Dhaka and Mymensingh to the west.
This Photo was Taken at Moulovibazar District of Sylhet Division . Sylhet Vision is famous for tea garden .

Follow Me to Mymensingh Division

Mymensingh Division is the youngest division of Bangladesh. It has an area of 10,485 km² and a population of 11,370,000 as of the 2011 census. It was created in 2015 from districts previously comprising the northern part of Dhaka Division. Its headquarters are in Mymensingh city in Mymensingh District.
This Photo Was Taken at Muktagacha Upozilla Of Mymensingh Division .

Follow Me To Dhaka Division

Ḑhaka is an administrative division within Bangladesh. The capital and largest city of the country. Dhaka Division is bounded by Mymensingh Division to the north, Barisal Division to the south, Chittagong Division to the east and south-east, Sylhet Division to the north-east, Rangpur Division to the north-west, and Rajshahi Division to the west and Khulna Divisions to the south-west.
This photo Was Taken At Bashabo of Dhaka division .

Follow Me to Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi Division consists of 8 districts, 70 Upazilas and 1,092 Unions . It has an excellent rail and road communication infrastructure.
Until 2010 this Division comprised 16 districts,[1] but early in that year it was divided into two, when a new Division (Rangpur Division) was formed out of the 8 northerly districts that until then had been part of Rajshahi Division. Rajshahi was dominated by various Rajas, Maharajas and Zamindars.
this photo was taken on Hardinge Bridge is a steel railway bridge over the river Padma located at Paksey, Ishwardi, Pabna in western Bangladesh. It is named after Lord Hardinge, who was the Viceroy of India from 1910 to 1916. The bridge is 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) long.

Follow Me to Rangpur Division

Rangpur Division was formed on 25 January 2010, as Bangladesh’s 7th division. Before that, it had been the northern eight districts of the Rajshahi Division. The Rangpur division consists of eight districts. There are 58 Upazilas or subdistricts under these eight districts. Rangpur is the northernmost division of Bangladesh .
This Photo Was taken ar Kantanagar Temple, commonly known as Kantaji Temple or Kantajew Temple ,it is a late-medieval Hindu temple in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. The Kantajew Temple is one of the most magnificent religious edifices belonging to the 18th century. The temple belongs to the popular Hindu Kanta or Krishna and this is most popular with the Radha-Krishna cult (assemble of memorable love) in Bengal. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Krishna and his wife Rukmini. Built by Maharaja Pran Nath, its construction started in 1704 CE and ended in the reign of his son Raja Ramnath 1722 CE,during the reign of his son Maharaja Ramnath. It boasts one of the greatest examples on terracotta architecture in Bangladesh and once had nine spires, but all were destroyed in an earthquake that took place in 1897.

Follow Me to Barishal Division

Barisal Division, officially known as Barishal Division, is one of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh. Located in the south-central part of the country, it has an area of 13,644.85 km2 . It is bounded by Dhaka Division on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, Chittagong Division on the east and Khulna Division on the west. The administrative capital, Barisal city, lies in the Ganges (Padma) River delta on an offshoot of the Arial Khan River.
This Photo Was taken at Swarupkathi upazila of Pirojpur district of Barisal division where we found the only floating marketing of bangladesh.

Follow Me to Chittagong Division

Chittagong Division, is geographically the largest of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh. It covers the south-easternmost areas of the country, with a total area of 33,771.18 km2 . The administrative division includes mainland Chittagong District, neighbouring districts and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
This photo was taken at kutubdiya upozila of chittagong division where the only wind mill of bangladesh situated

Follow Me to Khulna Division

Khulna Division is one of the eight divisions of Bangladesh. It has an area of 22,285 km2 .Its headquarters is Khulna city in Khulna District.
Thia photo was taken at bagherhaat district of Khulna Division .It is The Sixty Dome Mosque , a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a mosque in Bangladesh, the largest in that country from the Sultanate period. It has been described as “the most impressive Muslim monuments in the whole of the Indian subcontinent.The construction of the mosque was started in 1442 and it was completed in 1459. The mosque was used for prayers, and also as a madrasha and assembly hall.