Hey. I’m Dean O’Halloran, from Ireland. I’m a part-time artist just starting out. Have no real training just do art cause I always enjoyed it.

I was always interested in drawing one of my favourite comic book characters, The Joker. I wanted to include iconic colours into the piece such as purples, greens, reds and white for his appearance. But I was also keen to capture the mood of Gotham City. Dark, gloomy with lot of blue, black tones during the night. The only light source, the moon and bat signal. I decided to do the artwork in pastel. Now, I had no experience using pastel so it was challenging, messy yet very enjoyable. Took 3 days to complete. I also combined the pastel with charcoal for darker shades.

Hopefully it is not a bad first attempt. Appreciate any feedback, likes and shares. Cheers.

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Simple Materials

Sketch 1

Pastel Sketch

Pastel with Gotham City Background

Finished and framed