This is the second bell jar, Memory, in the series having to do with Dream, Memory, and Experience.

Memory is so individualistic, and it was difficult to rest on images to depict this idea. I eventually became intrigued with the concept of fetal memory- something we have all shared but is now lost to us. It is at once mutual and absent. How does auditory and vibratory stimulus feed a growing mind? In some murky state of being, we once knew.

More info:

Ossis Fateor Memoria, Front View

Ossis Fateor Memoria, Front Detail

Ossis Fateor Memoria, Back View

Ossis Fateor Memoria, Back View Detail

Ossis Fateor Memoria, Top View

The sculpture made from Human bone, Bronze, Wood, Resin, Cast glass, Bell jar, Acrylic, Gold leaf, Silk, Hardware.