Feminism is always worth talking about, but it’s hard to grab people’s attention. Elonë, a woman in Karsruhe, Germany, solved this problem by using a controversial medium – period pads – to drive home her message about gender equality and the elimination of rape culture. She chose International Women’s Day (March 8th) as the perfect day to reveal her message.

She has already attracted the attention of thousands of supporters and critics alike from around the world, including people who want to apply her project in their own cities as well. Some of her most popular photos with the pads have been shared thousands of times. She says she was inspired to create the series by a tweet that read “imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods.”

Despite the critics that have bombarded her with messages, she insists that her message is one of “equality, not men hate.” And indeed, her messages are so popular and shareable because they are so simple and clear – now is the time to stop rape culture, victim-blaming and gender inequality.

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Elonë’s message is clear – it’s time to stop rape culture

“Feminism means equality, not men hate”

Her messages address serious issues like rape culture, victim blaming and the objectification of women

Some are offended by her use of period pads, but that just means her message is spreading

Supporters from all over the world have expressed their desire to emulate her project in their own cities

Translation: My name is not baby