You probably know the story of Forrest Gump. Well, imagine a fatty Tom Hanks running through Europe to get over a broken heart.
The story is about Radu Restivan and he started his journey in Romania. He ran the mountains, discovering places in the countrysides he had no idea they existed and making new friends along the way. Something extraordinary started to happen: slimming down in no time. That was the moment he decided to buy a go pro and head to Berlin. That journey led him to another idea: “Discover the World through its marathons” – a new concept combining travelling with jogging. He creates videos in which he runs marathons in different countries (Greece, video) and plays the travel guide for his followers.
He usually finish in last, but wins thousands of views on YouTube. Eventually, what matter the most is the journey, not the destination.

Fatty Tom Hanks needed to be disappointed in love in order to find his true purpose in life. Forrest Gump-ish-like, he inspired other people to jog also. Now he trains newbies for Bucharest marathon in a program called “From 1 to 21”.

Good luck, people!

So yeah, sometimes we think we run away from something, but, in reality, we just started to run the marathon of our lives.

Radu before and after

image from Maramures area

Running in Greece

Building the confidence of a Greek god, he enrolled to Athens’ marathon (good place to forget about Afrodita).

Newbies running their first marathon in Bucharest after few months of light training with Radu