Do you ever get bored riding around in the plain old fashioned vehicles we have to deal with in today’s society? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could hop in a car and fly away anywhere you wanted to go? In my illustrations of flying cars and other vessels we can at least do that in our imagination.

In a body of work being developed for a book project called “Fantastic Voyages” I’ve created a wonderful series of flying cars, boats, buses, rickshaws and more. The quirky and fun vehicles are all pictured flying above some incredibly detailed aerial cityscape illustrations from all over the planet.

The perspectives and architectural detail are truly amazing! “Fantastic Voyages” is still in the development stage and will eventually feature over 60 different locations. It will be a super fun way to learn about the world we live in.

More info:

Rio Expresss

Next Stop Nunavut

Ice Cream Truck

Escape From The City


Arrival In Ladakh

Terminal Number 3


Great Lakes Steamer

Rickshaw Ride


Rural Landing

San Francisco Transit Authority

Whiskey Delivery

India Bound