I hate that unpaid internships still exist. They’re illegal and only help those who can afford to work for free, yet we’ve all had to do them as a “rite of passage” to a paid job. Nobody wants to call bosses out on these, because they’re worried it might harm their chance of a job (myself included in the past!).

So I had the idea to made a fake children’s book about it, called ‘The Eternal Intern’. Everything in this book has happened to me in some form! Here’s the video/book for you to read (WARNING: Probably don’t actually read this to your kids…)

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The Eternal Intern

We all know an Eva, first class degree, she’d earned her dream job as a grad in the city

Well. I say “earned”… the role was unpaid. You don’t get much as an intern these days

It’s passion that pays! You get what you give! But when you earn nothing… how do you live?

She bought a lunch meal deal. “I’ll give you exposure!” But the cashier replied, “I have a wife”

She asked Dad for change to commute on the train, but he couldn’t afford it, he earned minimum wage!

So when Eva paid with ‘contacts’ the conductor wasn’t impressed, he find her the pounds that made up her flesh

Dejected, she realised she’d been most naive. She couldn’t afford this. She decided to leave. But hang on… What’s this? What could she see?

Hundreds more queuing to replace her! For Free! “Their parents are wealthy, but I’m living their dream! This must all be worth it if they want to be me!”

So Eva stayed an intern, eternally churning and turning up for work with little in return. Then an e-mail. It happened! The bosses surprised her! They offered her a job!

As ground fertiliser