You may remember a story we did recently about Scott Rogowsky, a comedian who decided to ride the New York subway while reading a bunch of fake books with hilariously inappropriate titles. Well, it looks like Scott’s been up to his funny pranks again, and this time his reading material is more hilarious than ever.

As you can see from the video below, other passengers don’t quite know how to react when they see the funny books that the comedian is reading. But then again, we’re not surprised. After all, what would you do if you saw somebody reading books in public with such funny titles as Hiding your Erection from God, Why Women Deserve Less, 10,000 Dick Pics, Tinder Training your Toddler, and The Joy of Cooking Meth?

If you’re wondering how he managed to keep a straight face then the answer is simple. “It was actually the autobiography of Madeleine Albright under these book covers,” Scott told Bored Panda. He also said that the book titles that got the best reactions were Gay Garfield and 10,000 Dick Pics. When asked if everybody found the book names funny, Scott told us: “No one got mad, but many people were confused!” We can certainly believe it. As far as social experiments go, it’s definitely interesting. As far as comedy goes, however, it’s nothing short of genius.

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Watch the full video below: