“A ture photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” -Ansel Adams.

At 16 years old I use Fine Art Photography as a way of escaping from reality, creating surreal worlds that before had only existed inside my head. Through photography and self-portraiture I allow myself to have a save space in which I can create and experiment. I am able to stitch reality and fantasy together, using images and photoshop, to create photos in which we can place ourself.

-Lillian Merritt, Owner of Strength Of Atlantis.

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Fears are as dark and as immense as the water, swallowing everything it can reach. Battered and bruised we find ourselves washed up on the shore of our own insecurities. Torn apart we lie defeated and scared of what lay ahead of us. But if we could only find the strength to stand one more time, to turn and face the dawn, we’ll find that just across the water a new beginning awaits. It calls to us, singing about freedom and hope. If only we would be brave enough to face our fears and reach for the dawn a much greater future awaits our touch.


Gently drifting towards the ground leaves of gold and red descend to the forest floor blanketing the ground with a vibrant carpet. Change creeps into the world drawing away the charms of summer and making a path for the frosty footsteps of winter. The world pauses for a moment, letting out a creaking sigh as the trees release their crowns. To change we must let go of our past, no matter what beauty it contains and except the future and the beauty it will bring.


“And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted—nevermore!” -Edgar Allan Poe


We search and search trying to find the light in the darkness, knowing we hold it but unable to see it. Blindfolds cover our eyes hiding the way we should go from out sight, keeping us stumbling around in the dark. If we were only strong enough to strip away our blindness and see the light we could be free from the chains the dark holds us in. But on our own we lack the strength to do so. We can be so blind to what the light truly holds. Even when our eyes are open we can be blind to the light. Even when we try to see we can be blinded by our own doing. Our own mind can keep us from seeing the path so clearly laid out in front of us if we only looked with open eyes.

In Vergessenheit Geraten

With just the slightest quiver of air or the splattering of raindrops the candles flame will go out. The warmth and comfort forgotten in seconds, all that is left is the smoke. It wisps into the sky twirling and weaving around, writing the last poem of the flame before it too disappears.

Libertas A Culpa

With each breath we float higher, farther and farther away from the ground below. The world is dark around us, yet the warmth of light protects us. Forever we are levitating going higher and higher the sky becoming out point of view as the troubles of the world fall away and we are free from the shame, guilt, and regret of the past.


There is beauty in even the darkest of places. When decay and erosion break apart the grand marble of old, the butterflies can still be found.


To fall without hesitation, letting the wind take hold and blow away the troubles of yesterday, this is freedom in its purist form. To be calm in the face of a storm, to be at peace with yourself, to relax when in difficult places. Freedom can be found in the hearts of everyone.


Time does not stand still for anyone, it presses on ignoring the distressed complaints of the people it rushes past. We spend all our life trying to get back the time we’ve lost while losing even more. We try to avoid it while it clutches us firmly in its hands, keeping us from escaping. We are all given a specific amount of time, why waste it trying to get it back? Use the time we are allowed to it’s fullest extent, don’t waste a second of it.


We hide behind a mask only allowing it to be torn back when solitude surrounds us. We face the world day to day as a different person than who we were born to be. If we hide forever behind a mask we may never know who would have fallen in love with our true selves.


We all walk down a path, surrounded by our own world. Each path is unique to us and the only way to navigate the path is if we have the correct map.


There are some things that we lock away. Tucked within chests and boxes, trapped behind lock and key. Gathering dust and spiderwebs as the memory is slowly forgotten one piece at a time until the whole thing has disappeared from sight. Fading away into the walls of our minds, locked away from sight forever.


Feathers resting lightly on the nest in which I lay, I am protected by the house in which I rest. I draw my strength up from this place, never will I venture out. The wings which I have will stay folded at my back and I will rest inside the nest I occupy. Outside of my hiding place is a big world full of so many unknown things. Such a big world to get lost in, but I draw my strength from here so here I will stay. There are many adventures waiting for me just beyond my nest if only I would spread my wings and fly. Break away from the normal and routine, to step away from home and adventure into the unknown.


We fear the moments our shields come off and our raw emotions are exposed to the world. We are afraid to let others into the darkness parts of our beings and explore our deepest wishes and desires. The word vulnerability shakes us to the core and we slink farther behind our masks. It’s terrifying to let the world see us for who we really are, terrifying but oh so beautiful. When we strip off our false identities and put on our authentic self we reveal our soul to the world, allowing people to see us for who we really are. No more masks, no more lies. Just our marvelous souls standing out in a world of copy and paste people who will be awed in your presence.