Inspired by fairytales from around the world, Anita Anti, a Ukrainian-born professional photographer based in New York, takes beautiful photos of women and animals in forests that seem to pulsate with magical energy and melancholy.

Some of her stunning pictures seem based on specific stories, while others simply create a fantasy world setting, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own imagination.

Anita’s not the first photographer to be deeply inspired by fairytales – Uldus Bakhtiozina, Dasha Kondratyeva and Margarita Karyeva have all created their own reinterpretations of common fairytale themes. Read on for her answers to Bored Panda’s questions!

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“Sometimes I come up with a photoshoot idea and then look for a specific location and model based on that idea,” Anita told Bored Panda. “Sometimes I find something or someone beautiful and bring it to unique art. Sometimes I cooperate with different creative ideas”

“I’ve been a creative person since my childhood. Always had a capability for drawing. I guess that helped me a lot to become who I am now. Often I create costumes and decorations for the photoshoots myself”

“Sometimes my pictures show an idea and concept, sometimes they don’t. I try to make my message simple and clear so that everyone could understand it.”

“I always say – inspiration comes to an inspired person. An artist should always try to find beauty and unusual things in everyday usual life. And to achieve that you need to give your brain food and information”

“Creative photography is about art first of all. Forget about money, your gear, all those excuses and create. Follow your passion no matter what, just keep on going and you will make it”

Thank you, Anita Anti, for answering Bored Panda’s questions about your work!