I was always in love with art, but I decided to use my body as a canvas just two years ago when Halloween came around and I was 13. Since then, I’ve been exploring my own techniques and tips to re-create or come up with my own looks. I love being able to transform myself into a whole other character with a few brushstrokes and finishing details (well, maybe more than just a few). Depending on the look, I may take around 1-5 hours just to complete a single one, especially if it involves any special effects products or prosthetics. I now make Youtube videos to show people the process of how I create these looks.

More info: Youtube

Creature Double Feature

A vampire mixed with the Phantom of the Opera, quite an interesting combination, don’t you think?

Off with your head!

My apologies for the weak crown. The design on my neck was inspired by a tumblr picture I found, but the rest is mine.

Two Face

Batman’s two-faced villain is shown with various patterns and skin colors through different movies and comic books, so I did my own spin on it!

Two Face – a little more expression!

Yes, I love getting into character with these little photo shoots!

Klingon Inspired Makeup

This look was almost entirely done with drugstore makeup.

Poison Ivy

My second take on this look! It was inspired by the amazing body painter Madeulook by Lex.

We’re all a little mad here!

That’s right! You guessed it, the Mad Hatter. I made the hat out of cardboard, paint, and tissue paper.