Art is a form of expression. Sravanthi Joshi, an artist from Bangalore, creates some very expressive images using her unique skills in drawing sketches with charcoal and graphite.

As she says on her website: “Working and manifesting imaginations in black and white is my passion. For this to be brought to materialistic form I use charcoal and graphite. This passion has helped me to be well versed in monochromatic sketches.”

An artist who creates images on a wide variety of topics, she uses charcoal and graphite to filter everything but the emotions in her artwork. These emotions are usually love, loneliness, joy and sadness. She also draws the beauty of the female form in many of her images. I find some of her images very real as if they are print outs of monochromatic images. And the best part is, she is still a learning artist. I wonder what she can do when she is a pro at this.

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