I wanted to tell my own story about EXPO Milano 2015, and when I asked myself how to do that, the answer was obvious: EXPO is made by the people working there every day, its true face is a portrait.
In my gallery you are going to find real people, coming from all over the world, in their eyes you’re going to discern a glimpse of what EXPO should represent: an updated version of “the family of man”.
The pictures were taken using available light, so as not to spoil the atmosphere of this rare moment of intimacy the models dedicated to my project.

More info: expofaces.codcast.it

Expofaces – Exotic caracteres.

Expofaces – All ages, same enthusiasm.

Expofaces – Make me pretty

Expofaces – Sand free.

Expofaces – Try our specialities

Expofaces – Be natural

Expofaces – I’m here for my country

Expofaces – The bartender

Expofaces – Natural born poser

Expofaces – Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “serious expression”.

Expofaces – you too, so you stop laughing.

Expofaces – Simple beauty

Expofaces – I take pictures too

Expofaces – What would you like to eat

Expofaces – An opportunity I’m going to remember

Expofaces – just after the dance