The Csavosi mausoleum church is a unique location that takes your breath away. The mausoleum’s advanced degradation shows you that it did not have a very bright past.

The mausoleum was built in 1860 by the baron Gyula Csavosi. Its architecture perfectly imitates the basilica of the Hungarian town of Esztergom. The end of the Csávosi family was to come a few years before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It began in the spring of 1911, when Josephina, the Baron’s wife, died and was buried in the crypt under the mausoleum. In the autumn of the same year, Baron Gyula Csávossy passed away, his resting place became a crypt, where other members of their family are buried too.

The descendants of the baron have sold their properties and some of them have migrated to Canada and never returned. Unfortunately, his inheritance was crumbled into pieces by administrative and barbaric measures. The first mayor of the town, named after World War II, profaned the noble family’s graves, and all the objects, even the ones with low value, were stolen. Being caught, the mayor executed a 2-year prison sentence.

Today, the church – mausoleum is in a state of advanced degradation, but at 12 o’clock and at funerals, the bells still toll with nostalgia, in memory of their golden days

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