Max Malloy, a Latvian-born artist, spent his childhood near the Baltic sea. 13 years ago, he decided to move to Ireland to be closer to the ocean and to the never ending green fields. He enjoyed these for many years, until one day when he decided to project the beauty of Ireland and his feelings for it into photography, as a means of sharing beauty with others.

“I’ve always loved spending time in the outdoor, so I guess the option for landscape photography instead of any other areas was quite logical.”

While Max was naturally endowed with artistic skills, following an education path in Arts, he had to put significant effort and time into making his skills speak to others via photography.

The experience of nature is often as challenging as the nature itself: “I often stay in the middle of the night on a spectacular cliffs with a LED head light, shooting over and over again the wonder of the Milky Way, which never ceases to amaze me.”

It takes both passion and dedication, requiring time and effort, as well as conviction that only experience of nature can lead to knowledge and understanding of it: “Learn to learn; don’t expect to know everything at once. Invest time in it. Landscape photography is much more than what meets the eye and the first emotion and impression. Wake up early, stay up late, focus on details and on simple things. And experience. Newest technology equipment will not always guarantee success, but it might help you progress faster. And be patient, results will be seen in time and opportunities will arise.”

Being an artistic spirit and a curious explorer, Max is keen to continue the great challenge and opportunity of photography. He strongly believes that through his work he has the great chance of not only sharing with others the beauties of nature, but also inspiring people in search for adventures and travelling experiences.

Although the landscape photography remains Max’s favourite, he recently started shooting portraits of people in Ireland (locals or travellers).

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