Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 6, entitled “Beyond the Wall” is definitely one of the most epic episodes in GoT’s history. Whether you are concerned about the suspicious timelines, ravens, and chains, we can at least all agree that the shoot location is spectacular. Exactly where is the “Mountain shaped like an Arrowhead” in the Hound’s vision located and where did Jon Snow’s suicide squad find it? “Beyond the Wall” is located in West of Iceland and the mountain is called Kirkjufell.


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In fact, it is the most iconic and most photographed mountain in the whole of Iceland

Group tours can take you here, or better yet, get your own car rental and stay in the AirBnb rental located by the foot of the mountain!

If you stayed in this AirBnB, the eerily white walker infested area could be your view

There’s an actual frozen lake in front of it although the crew re-created the lake in Belfast

As a bonus, you could totally see the Northern Lights in this area (if you are lucky)

You could walk around and pretend like you are part of Jon Snow’s suicide squad

The team also shot in the Southern part of Iceland near the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon, although these icebergs have not been seen in any episodes yet

While you are in Iceland, you might as well visit the other shoot locations form the previous seasons

Like Mance Rayder’s camp, found in the Northern part of Iceland in Akureyri

You can also go to Lake Myvatn where Jon Snow, Sam, and the rest of the Night’s Watch journeyed through the Wildling and White Walker Country

You can also go to Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the shoot location for Arya and The Hound’s time together (which the Hound revisited with the ‘brotherhood’ in Season 7, Ep.1)

And of course, there’s this steamy love nest/cave