Muista is a new approach to a work-chair in the current computer era, when chairs have to not only support but keep our working bodies active and healthy.

Muista design offers interchangeable sitting positions, balance exercise, muscle stimulation – all the ingredients needed for boosting creativity and health at work.

Simple design of a solid arc bent from plywood makes Muista a sturdy, joint-free, long-lasting piece of furniture. Two interchangeable sitting positions – saddle and bench – encourage frequent body position change. Muista comes in two sizes to accommodate your workspace, be it next to a height-adjustable desk or a regular desk.

Relaxation combined with healthy amount of micro-movements is Muista recipe for a lively balance between rest and stimulation throughout the working day.

Muista chair is available and crowdfunding for mass-production at kickstarter now. Welcome back, Sitting! 

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