Have you ever caught yourself sitting in your office chair, wondering: what am I doing to my life? Have you ever dreamed about pursuing your hobby but you think you’ll never make money out of it?

Well, I have. After years working for a big company, I finally realized that it wasn’t meant to me. After a while, I was so miserable, that I couldn’t concentrate anymore at work.

I started to focus completely in my hobby: photography. But not just any photography: pet photography! You see, I love animals (I even became vegetarian), but that’s not the only reason. I love to portray the animals in different situations so when you, human, see my work, you smile. I love to see the reaction of my clients when they see the final results.

I also love to help NGO that shelter animals. My work helps them to get adopted so much faster! Find out the reason of my happiness in the images below.

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Photographing with backlight emphasizes the beauty of the dog.

Tip: when you photograph your pet, pay attention to the background. Go somewhere you can find nature.

This dog is tamed, which helped me a lot. But 99% of them give me a lot of work!

This image is the most popular among all I’ve made. It really brings out the idea of family.

This dog is paraplegic. His chances of adoption were minimal, until the day this photograph was posted on Facebook. Now, he has a family!

Another paraplegic dog photography for a NGO from Rio de Janeiro.

People went crazy when they saw this puppy was for adoption!

Another puppy that got adopted after this image was published on my Facebook page.

Dogs usually don’t stay calm during my sessions. I had to insist for a while to make this work! His look says “how do I get out of here?”

I love colorful images, don’t you?

I think it’s funny to put some accessories on the animal. It makes the pet more human.

Another four-eyed dog!

Adding bubbles also makes the image funnier!

This cat was photographed during a moment of distraction (he obviously doesn’t like to be photographed!)

My office job is history. Today, I work for happiness, not only for money.