The Cat House on the Kings is the largest no-kill, no-cage cat sanctuary in California, housing over 700+ cats on a 12 acre property right alongside the Kings River in Parlier, CA. Each week, as a regular volunteer, I get the chance to help photograph cats, kittens, and even some puppies to help bring awareness to the sanctuary and aid in the adoption of the animals.

The Cat House is a dream life for a cat without a home, with plenty of trees to climb, couches, tables, chairs, computers and pretty much everything else imaginable to climb and sleep on. For the human visitor, it is often a surreal experience, as cats rule at the CHOTK. They are literally everywhere you look and sit. The sanctuary is also a permanent home for some, including many senior cats and cats with FIV.

The tireless work done by the staff and volunteers is so important in our local community. Since the sanctuary was founded over 23 years ago they have saved the lives of over 23,000 cats and 7,000 dogs and still counting. Providing a safe place to live while waiting to be adopted is key as Fresno County (where the shelter is located) euthanizes a frightening number of animals – roughly 65,000 a year.

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The Main House

The former residence of the owner and founder, Lynea Lattanzio, now owned by the cats.

Catching Some Rays

It’s the life here at the Cat House, with plenty of space to stretch out on this 12 acre property.

Everywhere You Turn You are Being Watched

Despite the stare, this guy is super friendly.

So Many Cats Living in Harmony

The amazing thing is how well all the cats seem to get along.

Green-Eyed Beauty

If you sit down, you will be immediately showered with love and attention.

Here, Even the Dogs Get Stalked

The Poppy Burger Memorial Bench by the River

You can sit down by the Kings River and enjoy the view, as long as you don’t mind a few cats on your lap.

Her Name is Sophia Loren

Proof that all cats (with or without a home) are beautiful.

Be Sure to Look Up

There are cats everywhere just waiting for you to stop and say hello.

All Cats Are at Home Here

They even have their own art.

Kitten Friends

A special adoption room is set up just for kittens – a visit is better than therapy.

A Place Where Formerly Feral Cats Feel Safe

Many formally feral cats come out of their shells at the shelter and will be your constant companions when you visit.

Cats of All Types

There are so many different cats available to adopt, you’re sure to find your perfect match. Maybe this unique guy with two different colored eyes.

Lots of Food is Needed to Keep the Place Afloat

Donations are always welcome and needed.