Estonian artist Elise Nigul (28) has a huge love for horses and expresses it through her realistic drawings.

A big part of her childhood sketches reflect her admiration for horses and although the artist has journeyed through many styles, motives and themes – horses have always stayed as a staple of her art. Her friendship with the animals deepened when she was studying horse breeding – many of the horses pictured can be seen as close friends of hers.

The drawings are mostly based on photos taken of different horses, some of which are her own photography. Most of her art is created using colour pencils, pastel pencils, ink or watercolours.

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Pringel / A2 (pastel pencils)

Coyang & Camm / A3 (colour pencils)

Pepperoni / A3 (colour pencils)

Tienus / A4 (ink)

The picture is based on a photograph by Jessica Pijlman

Nameless / A4 (colour pencils)

Pepperoni / A3 (ink & watercolours)

Hakira / A3 (pen)

S-Power / A4 (pastel pencils)

Helios / A3 (ink, watercolours, soft pastel)

Pringel / A3 (colour pencils)