I created Escuro Bicycle Bag because I’ve just being tired of all those heavy and uncomfortable messenger bags or backpacks we’ve used to carry while we ride the bike.

I’ve just wanted to find the perfect design and materials for a bike bag that will allow anyone to carry a notebook, a tablet, smartphone, and work or school documents without disturbing while cycling.

It has been a revelation when I discovered the best design of the bike bag of our dreams, but also when I found durable and high-quality materials. Just what I needed for Escuro Bicycle Bag.

We wanted it to be simple, functional, but, more than that, to last a lifetime.

We used lightweight and durable materials such as wool felt and Italian vegetable-tanned leather to guarantee a high-quality product.

More than that, Escuro Bicycle Bag comes with full cool accessories such as earphone organizer, phone, and tablet sleeve.

More info: kickstarter.com