Long story short: I have epilepsy. This December it will be exactly 15 years since I was diagnosed with it. I always felt different because of it. To everyone who I told I had, it got immediately frightened and I completely understand why. But when you reach your twenties and get rejected from the third job because it is too dangerous for the company to have you, believe me, your confidence level can go down in one second.

The international day of epilepsy is February 11. And the color that represents it is purple and it is associated with creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace. During the last years, I saw how my thinking about having epilepsy changed. How I do not have to apologize for it in each job interview. Companies that value your work and you will never let you down for this.

I understood how my personality changed after the first time they diagnosed me and how I am living today. From a very hard point in my life, today I can say that even the fact that it’s for the rest of my life does not scare me. I can’t change that. But I want people that have it to not feel as you were expelled from society.

These illustrations that I did shows how life can flow in so many ways and how we do not even know where it will take us. The color reminds me of it. They are meant to be abstract because each of us has a different idea of what this epilepsy thing is. It is something that we need to be aware of, but we do not need to make those people that have it feel bad about themselves. 

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