An Italian brand Margon Milano seeks to show the world that age does not define beauty. They launched a project “Ageless Elegance” and invited women aged from 50 to 86 to become its models.

These women are very different but they all proudly bear their age by enjoying every single day and providing younger generations with a worthy example to follow. Each participant shared her secrets in terms of style and elegance. After all, they have them in their blood.

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Ornella, 55 years old

The secret of youth is to be yourself, to be able to express yourself and those moments that fill you with happiness from within. The birth of a child, the first kiss, an unforgettable sunset … everyone has their own precious moments.
“The elegance consists in simplicity… In simplicity of your behaviour, presentation of ideas and clothes.”

Edvige, 54 years old

The secret of youth are my children. I have two daughters, 29 and 33 years old. Their happiness, achievements and successes are my irreplaceable vital energy.
“You can probably consider yourself an elegant person if you know how to “adjust yourself” any time you go out.” The elegance is something natural, virgin, something that cannot be ignored. I think about Sophia Loren and admire her gift to bear herself with dignity even in an old age… She’s a real personification of the elegance.”

Gabriella, 58 years old

The secret of youth lies in movement and in constant self-development in everything. It’s the presence of stunning ideas and your loved ones that are ready to realize them together with you.
“Elegance? The lack of frills.”

Cesarina, 87 years old

The secret of youth is to be surrounded by your loved ones, to travel. Eat simple food. There’s no need to invent: a simple pasta with cherry tomatoes and oregano can become a real culinary masterpiece.
“The elegance is a sense of proportion, it’s education and self-expression. I shudder to think about the current fashion – if I were 20 again, I would never go out half-naked. The elegance is first of all a manifestation of intelligence.”

Gemma Vitale, 54 years old

The secret of youth are my children. I felt like I was born again when I had my little daughters. They’re my life.
“The elegance has nothing to do with beauty, style and high prices. You can be elegant even wearing a simple dress. Chanel won’t change you if you don’t have an intuitive sense of “grande classe”. (from Italian “high class”)

Daniela, 57 years old

The secret of youth is to be in harmony with yourself and with others, to enjoy every single day.
“The elegance consists in femininity. A couple of accessories matched with taste and a low-key outfit will add you some kind of aristocratic charm.

Valeria, 53 years old

The secret of youth is the work that you really love. I sincerely believe that, if you work without pleasure, you grow old earlier.”
Elegance? It’s impossible to learn it, you’re born with it. It’s like a character trait that is either there or you need to develop it hard and for a long time.”