I have always felt attracted to things and places that are natural, raw, pure and organic; I have admired people who can discreetly communicate their values and philosophy of life through little, yet meaningful accessories. As handmade goods have always seemed more precious to me than gadgets from a mass production line, I started to make things on my own, but something was still lacking for me. One day, sitting next to a mountain stream in my beloved Karkonosze mountains, I finally discovered the most natural and organic materials for my work in the crystal-clean water: sand, river driftwood and glass remnants from the old glasshouses. I decided to reject all the semi-finished products and start creating handmade accessories by combining gifts of the Earth with everyday leftovers, like cardboard, broken ceramics or pieces of brass. It was a satisfying hobby, but nothing more. And then, something sad happened which plunged me into a creative coma.

However, almost one year later, unexpectedly, I met Przem, known in the artistic world as Calabarte, who creates astonishing gourd lamps. One day, while scrutinizing the remains of gourd fruits, I was struck by their lightness and other amazing qualities. That was it! The discovery of gourds led me to add new element to my recycled jewellery. We have joined forces and abilities. The fruit of our joined labours, my unrestful mind and his precision, is intricate, carefully carved jewellery; an indescribable combination of organic forms, recycling, bohemia and wilderness, locked into an extremely light form.

Sen Góry (in English “the dream of a mountain”) handmade pieces originate from the imagination and are painstakingly and lovingly created by our warm and paint-stained hands and nature’s own, passing of time (each piece created is really time-consuming!). Using eco, organic or recycled materials we lock into our jewellery our attachment to ecology, nature, simplicity and neat craft. We believe that our handmade artifacts will make it possible for others to express similar values by adorning themselves with these gifts from nature.

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I usually take my jewelry for a walk to a forest, not just to take photos of it

In some naive way I believe it soaks nature up

Each piece of Sen Góry jewellery is unique and made by hand. Each has its story

Our inspiration comes always from the flora and fauna

Despite its size, it’s as light as a feather

It’s easy to discreetly communicate one’s views with Sen Góry

Moss, stone, water – our jewelry refers to all of that

Some pieces require a great deal of precise carving

After many decades it can simply decompose into the ground

We use Argan oil to make it even more skin-friendly. Everything has to be natural!

Some shapes are organic variations; others refer to nature in quite an obvious way

Sen Góry will never become large-scale and that makes it so unique

And it’s all made of gourd, natural leftovers and free time