My sister found these photos of me in Dubai from two years ago.

Seeing as I am a mixed raced Jamaican and Chinese boy who was born in Canada, living the regal Dubai life has not been a door open to myself. As a compromise, I brought a bejewelled masterpiece of a jacket (a Kurta) from Calgary Canada, purchased with a friend before my trip to Dubai. Sometimes, you have to take destiny by the hand, and say… YALLA HABIBI.

Here are pictures of me in Royal form at The Dubai Mall and surrounding areas, royal gaze and posture at the ready. It is an impromptu photo-op with my beloved subjects, if only they are my subjects for a single picture. Yes my face may be punchable, but a boy only has a few moments in his life to create his Sheikh dreams.

P.S. A haircut took place in between the day. Enjoy.


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Mid-day hair fade

My advisors are always grinding on their mobiles

Asalam Alaykum from the boys and me

Snacks, non-alcoholic beer is a must

Relations with Americans, can’t live with them or without them

I have a big team, and fun fact fact, we do have really big rings

I always make time to take pictures with families

Kids love me

He gave me Ibuprofen, and I gave him a Ferrari