When two engineers from ETH Zurich were tasked to improve the taste of tap water, they decided they can do better. Instead of using simple odor removal, they built a screw-on device that literally turns every faucet into a source of safe drinking water.

“Current faucet mounted filters can only remove chlorine. For us, this clearly wasn’t enough”, said Michael Loepfe, CTO and co-founder of Novamem Ltd, a tech startup from ETH Zurich. “It was our challenge to come up with a revolutionary new product, that can effectively remove pathogens to make tap water safe, all over the world” further explained company co-founder Christoph Kellenberger.

The Novamem engineering team spent more than one and a half year to develop what they call the “DrinkPure HOME”. This water purifier uses the latest state of the art membrane filtration technology that can otherwise only be found in pharmaceutical applications. The membrane is further combined with high performance and self-sterilizing activated carbon. The combination results in a highly effective filter system for household use.

The filter cartridge is replaceable and lasts for 130 – 260 gallons (500 – 1000 liters) “By using our filter, a typical family can easily save more than USD 1,000 per year on bottled water and the waste is reduced by more than 99%. If we can raise enough money with our Kickstarter campaign, our dream will come true.” The startup will launch its Kickstarter campaign on August 31st.

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DrinkPure HOME – Faucet filter for save water

It turns every faucet into a source of healthy and natural tasting water

Co-founders Christoph Kellenberger and Michael Loepfe

Fits on all standard faucets and is so easy to install