I have been making these types of drawings since January 2014. Ever since then, I have been living my dream – quite literally, as my very first picture was inspired by a dream I had; dark, lean figures in front of a light background.

Initially I only used black pen and markers. Later I added colors to the pictures by using pastels, especially for backgrounds. Some have said my works bear resemblance to those of Tim Burton, or even Salvador Dalí. Although I am inspired by other artists’ works and my personal experience, I always try to stay focused on finding and perfecting my own, unique style. I also intend to make pictures that tell stories, about the relationship of nature and people, animals and people, and human experiences which occur between people.

I have been lucky to exhibit some of my works at both individual and group exhibitions, in my home town and in the nearby area. My dream is to, one day, travel the world and exhibit my drawings in as many countries as possible.

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On The Edge Of Infinity


Rainy Day

The Brave One

We Shape This Planet Together


Lurking Fears

The Lonely Magician

I Would Go To The End Of The World To See The Stars

Hopes To Ashes, Desires To Smoke


Secrets In The Deep


Me And My Shadow

Sweet Nurture

Arrow Rain

The Bridge

Those Who Dare To Face The Storm

Dance Above The Sea

In A Vortex Of Sounds

Waiting For My Troubles To Swim Away