Donate STORIES instead of MONEY, for a change.


My buddies and I’ve launched a project called Doodlespire. We create custom-made doodles for your special story. For FREE! And more importantly… for a PURPOSE. We’re doing this because we believe that an image with a compelling narrative can connect people beyond boundaries.

A few days ago on April 25th, we launched our first campaign “Tiny Happy Things”. Some of you might recall the earthquake that took thousands of lives in Nepal three years ago. For much of the world, it has faded from memory. But for the survivors the nightmare continues. The poorest still live in “temporary” shelters that have begun to rust and rot. Women and children suffer the most, being exposed to health and safety risks.

In remembrance of the 3rd anniversary of the Nepal earthquake, “Tiny Happy Things” campaign seeks to help displaced survivors start new lives.

This is a limited-time opportunity to share your story, get your own custom doodle AND help those in need.

Still wondering how “Tiny Happy Things” can change the world? Come visit the website below to find out!

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