Internationally renowned animal photographer Alex Cearns has released her latest series of fun pooch pics called “Paws Up”. Her images showcase delightful dogs with their paws in the air (like they just don’t care!).

It’s no secret that Alex loves dogs and that they are her favourite animals. She photographs over 900 dogs each year and uses her photography to show people how beautiful they are. Many of her dog clients know how to put their paws up, and will bust out their moves for Alex in exchange for a tasty treat.

“The Paws Up series represents how we connect to our dogs, by training them to shake hands, give paw or do a high five.” she says.

Alex lives with two rescue dogs, Pip and Pixel, and one rescue cat, Macy. She aims to make a difference to the lives of rescue dogs through photography, and conducts fundraising projects and donates sponsorship to around 40 global animal charities, shelters and sanctuaries.

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