The alarm clock goes early again. The cat looks at me again with big eyes of why are you so early? I prepare myself and pack my things. I drive to the gathering place and get in the car. Yes it is time again for a road trip to abandoned places. A fun day with my photo friend with lots of fun and fun. A day like this day always means coming home with muscle pain in the belly of laughter.

Regularly I visit abandoned places to capture the past on photo. Even though I have already visited quite a few places. Every time I am amazed what I see. What kind of story is behind this place? Why is this country house abandoned? Sometimes you can find the story or photo of a place. But also often the questions remain unanswered.

Here is a small collection of my photos.

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Abandoned Cars

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned Powerplant

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We are all dreamers

Abandoned Sewing factory

Let’s daydream to a place far away

Abandoned country house