I was always kinda proud of the fact, that our apartment is cat-friendly, but now it’s simply purrfect for our tiny friends.

As we moved in we got a cat ledge

Then we made a nice DIY scratcher and we were sure it will keep our cats happy for some time

It didn’t. Cats soon got bored, so my one-in-a-million dad took our cat toys to the whole new level: he designed a themed Cat Tower

Inspired by grace of sailing ships he created a multi-level mast for our furry sailors: chief mate Tove and bosun Jansson

Spiral ladder leads from the old scratcher that has become the lowest deck to chief mate’s cabin.

Cabin has portholes perfect for glide and seek

There’s also a passage to the main deck, a perfect observation point

From the main deck you can climb up a luxurious hammock

And then use a convenient curved path straight to the crow’s nest

Part of the Cat Tower beauty is that it’s built completely out of recycled materials: banana boxes, carpet tubes, scraps of old floor and furniture

Our cats already love it! (…and I hope they will not get bored too soon)