I’m really excited because I just moved into a retro apartment with 60’s mid century architecture. So I thought it would be fun to make some DIY home accessories to match the vintage charm. I love mixing metallic with wood to give projects and old world, yet modern feel. This light globe looks great on any office desk or nightstand and can be turned on day or night! It only took about 40 minutes to complete!

More info: www.acharmingproject.com

Gather your supplies

•Copper Ribbon
•Wood Varnish
•Glass Globe/bowl
•Latex Gloves (optional)
•Circular Wood Plaque
•Copper String Lights
•Copper Foil Tape
•E6000 Glue
•3 Double A Batteries

Stain wood plaque

Put on your dish washing gloves and add a little wood stain to a rag and spread in a circular motion on the wood plaque.

Let dry for about 20 minutes

Stick on the sticky copper ribbon to the rim of the glass globe.

Insert the copper wire lights and glue the rim of the globe then place over the plaque and let dry for 20 minutes.

Looks great in the day….

…or looks great at night!