I’ve been putting up this Cthulhumas tree for four years now and every year I try to enhance it in some way.

This year the tree features giant cephalopod googly eyes that I made from a pair of regular googly eyes, shiny green cellophane wings, and an illuminated, be-tentacled tree-topper to crown its fearsome magnificence.

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As another year draws to a close, the tree has been woken once again.

Eyes and wings for a monstrous tree

I made the wings and the eyes last year. The wings were made using cellophane, floral wire, floral tape, and spray adhesive. The eyes are a pair of Giant Googly Eyes that I disassembled and painted to look like giant octopus eyes.

Tree-topper beginnings

The foundation for the tree-topper is a loosely woven vine cornucopia that I found at a local antiques market. The first thing I did was spray paint it dark green.

Adding tentacles

Then I wove the tentacles up through the inside of the cornucopia and used lengths of floral wire to hold them in place. The telltale writhing seen out of the corner of my eye indicated that things were going well.

Adding lights

I wound a string of battery operated LED fairy lights in among the writhing ring of tentacles and the weave of the cornucopia, blue to match the lights on the tree.

A be-tentacled crown for a tentacular tree.

The tree-topper all but jumped out of my hands as I began to place it on the top of the Cthulhumas tree. The tree seems pleased with its enhancements. If the tree is happy, we’re all happy.

The Cthulhumas tree prefers the dark