I wanted to learn more about those lovely animals as soon as I saw one of these in another Bored Panda post, dealing with the greatest animals selfies.

As I saw this strange smiling creature, I wanted to know more about it. When I learnt that they were named quokkas, and living in Australia. I had one more thing to add on my bucket list! It took me a while but when I had the chance to travel in Australia, I knew I would get closer to see them myself.

Many people don’t know about those creatures, and then, I wanted to dedicate a post to those quokkas, who definitely won my heart.

Quokkas have become really popular to be taken in selfies, but that is also why, through this post I want to remind everyone that this creature is classified as “vulnerable”, and need to be looked after.

The quokka is a small marsupial, belonging to the same family as the kangaroo. It is a very social animal, not really scared of humans at all

These fluffy marsupials live in a small island Called Rottnest, located one hour from Perth, in Western Australia

Rottnest and Bald Islands are the only places where we can find them.

They are very social (maybe too much) and are absolutely not afraid to come see you and make you smile with their cute faces

Rottnest is the last place in which they can live. They are peaceful creatures that eat leaves and grains

You will not find cats or foxes, who may hunt the quokkas otherwise.

There is still only about 10 000 of quokkas in the world, mostly living on that island. Which is why we all need to take care of their environment

Every quokka I have met, even for a few second reminded how beautiful nature is

I wanted to share my love for those creatures through this post. And also to remind a lot of sad things that i witnessed on the Island

Although it has been known as one of the most smiling creatures, humans still ruin their environment.

Quokkas find their food by themselves. And unfortunately, a lot of humans still try to feed them (based on good or not good feelings), as a result, destroying their teeth (even chips or crips will hurt them)

I witnessed also people giving… beer to them (which cause them un bearable stomach pain).

In the past, many visitors bullied quokkas for absolutely no reason but cruelty, I have read many different sad stories, but if things keep this way, I’m afraid that one day, Rottnest Island will close its gates to tourists

These marsupials are treating their human guests well, so I ask everyone: please respect their environment and the Island’s volunteering people job, trying to preserve their last place to live in the world… and that lovely smile