Meet Jakk. At just two days old he was callously placed in a ragged box and abandoned in a dirty dumpster behind a fast-food restaurant. He was destined to perish, but luck was on his side – Jade, who worked nearby, heard his tiny cries and climbed into the bin to rescue him.

Cold and trembling, Jakk’s eyes were still closed and his umbilicus cord was still attached. It was immediately noticeable that his front legs hadn’t formed properly and Jade rushed him to the closest vet for a check-up. The vet advised that expert treatment would be required.

Arrangements were made for Jakk to go into foster care with Edith, President of the Australian based rescue group, WA Pet Project (WAPP). A few days after he settled in he was booked in to see an orthopedic vet, and was subsequently diagnosed with a congenital condition called hemimelia – when human babies or animals are born without portions of their nonessential bones or the complete absence of multiple major bones, causing severe deformities and limb dysfunction.

Jakk was missing parts of both his humerus bone (upper arm) and radius (lower arm bone). He would need ongoing medical attention but he deserved the chance of a full and happy life. An appeal went out to the public for help. People instantly fell in love with Jakk and more than $10,000 was raised towards his bills in 24 hours. He has since received ongoing physical therapy and several vets have consulted on a plan for his long term mobility management. Jakk’s future may involve surgery, but for now he is still growing and is able to move around quite adeptly.

Understandably people were upset and outraged about the way he was discarded like a piece of trash. Jakk’s rescue brought to the forefront the stories of other animals that had been abandoned in dumpsters, particularly cats. To honor Jakk, WAPP launched its “Animals are not trash” educational campaign, advising people of the options available to them if they can no longer care for a pet, in the hope of preventing drastic measures like dumping. From his dire beginnings, and with the love of his Edith, Jakk has thrived. He currently weighs 20 kilograms and loves to bounce around on the cushions Edith has placed on the floor around her home. He is playful, smart and loves cuddles. Jakk’s disability doesn’t slow him down – he gives the same love any other dog gives and needs the same things any other dog needs.

And finally, at 8 months of age, Jakk has his very own set of wheels. His new custom built wheelchair was made by Eddies Wheels in the USA and was generously sponsored by dog treat company with a conscience, SavourLife. This increases Jakk’s overall agility and enables him to be ready for adoption into his forever home. Go well Jakk! Professional animal photographer (and Bored Panda regular) Alex Cearns has been documenting Jakk’s journey as part of her PERFECT IMPERFECTION photo series.

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2 days old and just rescued

Safe and warm at 2 days old

Eyes open at 3 weeks old

With a friend at 3 weeks old

Sitting up at 5 weeks old

Cuddles at 5 weeks old

Play time at 5 weeks old

Blue eyed boy at 5 weeks old

4 months old and growing fast

Taking a bow at 4 months old

4 months old

4 months old

Happy and healthy at 8 months old

8 months old

8 months old and mobile

Wheels at 8 months old

Jakk’s growth over 8 months