Sea of clouds is what we call an overcast layer of clouds seen from above…but what if we could really swim in the clouds?

I like to take the window seat every time I travel on a plane. I’m always amazed by how nice it is to see everyday elements from another point of view. So during my last trips I took my camera and leaning as much as possible against the window I started collecting pictures. When home, I sat in front of my Mac and with Photoshop, I began editing them to give those ‘window seat pictures’ a new story to tell.

In this new series the beauty of a natural phenomenon is blended with a dream to challenge one more time reality.

My process has been combining elements taken from different perspectives and blend them together. The mix had to be as subtle as bold. In this way, the simple beauty behind each single picture, mixed with the other images, could create a complexity in perspective that triggers people to dream.

The first pictures I made were from the top view. I was sure this would be the best way to transmit this concept. Thereafter I tried it on a perspective view and it also showed a powerful result. This made the Sea of Coulds series complete.

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