After a few years of making Waldorf dolls and needle-felted fairies, we decided it was time for a step in a new direction and started making paper clay sculptures. The main idea behind our sculptures is upcycling: old teacups, coffee grinders, lamp shades, sugar bowls, door handles or old fabrics are given a new lease of life. 2015 ended with an exhibition and at the beginning of 2016, a fresh wave of inspiration hit us – dandelions!

An idea that at first seemed like a small project turned into something greater. Giving a dandelion seed to someone means giving them a good wish. And isn´t a good wish the nicest thing you can give to those you love and care about?

The OOAK Dorimu Warriors are made of paperclay and have Swarovski crystals in their hats. They are approx. 4” (11 cm) small and the whole sculpture is approx. 15” (40 cm) high – depending on the position of the seed.

The dandelion seeds are also made of paperclay and wire. There are at least 100 strings of wire in each seed and that is the reason they look so natural and delicate. The sculptures are standing on polycarbonate discs and cannot be removed from it.

Each piece is sculpted, sanded and painted individually; no molds are used in the sculpting process. Each figure is absolutely unique, signed and numbered. The eyes are hand-painted and the whole sculpture is sealed with varnish.

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Dorimu dandelion seed – a symbol of a good wish

Dandelions have inspired us for a long time; not only are they a symbol of transformation, they also have a beautiful story associated with them. Every child knows and believes: if you make a wish while blowing on a dandelion clock, it will come true. The more we thought about manifesting this legend, the stronger we felt that there must be something more to this.

Dorimu dandelion seeds

Dorimu dandelion clock

Dorimu sculpture

We created little warriors for a better world! They sleep in the dandelion flower head until its yellow petals turn into a silvery white puff. Only a good wish can wake them. Right before a breath of air blows away the delicate seeds like tiny parachutes, the warriors´ pearly hats burst open! A wish messenger quickly grabs one of the seeds and thrusts it into the soil. And when a new dandelion flower grows from it, the good wish comes true…

Dorimu Warrior thrusting the dandelion seed

Dorimu dandelion seeds

Dorimu wish messenger

Making a wish come true

Making a wish come true

Gentle face with a strong message

You can purchase these sculptures on Etsy.