A few weeks ago I had a spontaneous idea to make macro shots of my 9-year-old dog „Cora“ (spontaneously is always best). I’m just a big dog lover. I love these little details which make these wonderful creatures even more unique and perfect.

Who among of you does not look in the trusting eyes of a dog, the famous hangdog look that turns even the bad mood in good, and allowed to warm any cold heart. We caress and cuddle our pets every day and rejoice in their unconditional love which they give their owners from the moment they was born until they die.

To every dog lover all over the world. Please give extra cuddles to your dog or the pet you love.

More info: fotografie-andreashaase.com

This is my dog “Cora”, 9 years now

The paw

A claw

Little vibrissae

Wonderful eyes, love this so much

Her white hair and the pretty nose


Small teeth which protrude

The belly with teat

The tongue

Mostly I love these soft ears

The end of the rod