Sometimes education delivers exactly what is promised and opens your mind to new ideas.

This is exactly what happened when design student Jekipp stumbled across a display of uniquely shaped chess pieces as part of Chess design at Shenkar College’s jewelry school.

Enrolling into the course, Jekipp had a clear vision of fusing jewelry and Chess into a portable and wearable set unlike any other.

3D Printing provided the accuracy to manufacture each of the pieces into thin inter-locking sections that combine into 8 constructs of 4 pieces to be worn all at once.

Each construct features 2 pawns that are fastened into the negative space of the other like pieces. The precision of the manufacture and clarity of design allows them to balance perfectly as a free standing display or are locked, inset into the board. Laser cut acrylic, the board appears like a crystal, cut from the earth. Engraved patterns taken from Chess profiles add to the organic feel and are used to differentiate the colors of the set.

A star shaped slot lets you firmly lock the individual pieces into place at 3 different angles and are tight enough that they will stay in place upside down. These features allow for play anywhere. The locked in place pieces are then removed and worn as the game progresses.

By the way, did I mention they are made of silver?

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