My 4-year-old daughter Amelia loves to draw since she was just a toddler. Her creative expression is free and pure and I might be biased but I always knew she had an artistic flair.

Soon enough, her drawing pile grew higher and I had to stop putting them into folders, as they would fill up too fast. Instead I started to wonder what I should do with all her lovely drawings. Some are so beautiful that I wished I had done them!

I decided to turn my daughter’s drawings into surface patterns. I try to stay true to Amelia’s original drawing as much as possible, such as the stokes and her color selections. I add in my interpretation, some more colors and shape and work them into repeat patterns. I found I had so much fun doing this, and Amelia is always excited to see how her artwork transforms into patterns.

My vision is to launch our own label: Born to Create, with home deco products and children’s apparel range using these surface pattern designs collaborated between my daughter and me.

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“She is such a natural when it comes to making patterns, I wish I had done this” – Li


Every little girl will adore this little sunflower pattern dress!

Playing the paint

Pure and striking

Easter egg inspired

This could be your next year’s Easter gift wrapping paper.

Space bug? Flower?

Whatever it is, it is very cute!

Flower planets

loving the imagination of a 4 year old.


The pattern looks fabulous on fabric.

Sweet wild flower

This makes a lovely duvet cover.