Raubdruckerin is a berlin based company whose unique way of creating wearable items has gained huge following in Portugal, and Germany. “pirating printer” as Raubdruckerin translates in english seeks to allow wearers take home pieces of European cities without spending on costly souvenirs.

Each design is unique, and from every city The Team had visited. The printing are made by hand and on site; after the surfaces are cleaned, and lacquered enough to create the necessary patterns.

“ the idea is to stimulate our perception regarding the relationship to our surrounding, refine everyday routines, as well as being sensitive to the beauty hidden in the unexpected.” founder, Emma-France Raff says.

The items so popular Raubdruckerin ran out of stock and request that people sign up to a waiting list which could be month long.

More info: ausquerry.com

Covering the manhole in ink

Hand bag print

The Team on site to creat more

Printing in Lisbon Portugal

sample of the metro, Berlin Print

Netherlands printing