My name is Vivian, an illustrator from Brazil, and here we have the culture of speaking that mothers are all alike, for this reason, I started to look at how I treated my daughter and my mother. Realizing the various situations occurring, start to create an illustration for each event that involved me, my daughter and my mother, Soon was born the “Daughter , Mother and Grandmother” project.

Every day I write down the events, do several drawings and then choose one to make the illustration cards, use only pencil and watercolor in the creations, but I intend to continue using other materials.

Although seem unique stories, I believe that many have always had memorable moments with their mothers the daughters. I will not stop the project, hope to have more than 50 cards to the fine year.

All cards are in Portuguese / Brazil, but I translated all that everyone read!

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When mom wants to comb our hair

When we are happy for something

When it’s cold

When the grandmother wants to please

When we are in pain in the stomach

When we go to a party

When we put a nice outfit

“Daughter , Mother and Grandmother” Project

Speed Painting. Sweeter for your granddaughter?