Since before I should have been allowed to watch horror movies, I’ve loved them. I had a mighty crush on Dracula when I was twelve.

I lost my dad to a heart attack when I was seven. He was that special kind of parent that played his kids. I was devastated. This tragedy, coupled with a mourning absentee mother, contributed to my “Dark & Tortured” nature.

Bad luck and bad choices followed me into my 20s with the death of my mother at 19, and my first major relationship with an abusive man that lasted five years.

Sadness and pain were a common theme of my art in my teens and 20s, but fear not, my story has a happy ending.

At 28, I met my match… my perfect match. We married and have two beautiful children together today. We own and run a Poe-themed coffee shop called the “Raven Café”. This venue is one of the ways I channel my love of the macabre.

Though time and energy to create art is scarce these busy days of little people, play-dates, laundry and general domestic bliss I still find time to create an art series called the “Bitty Baddies.” This lets me dabble in the darkness in a fun G-Rated manner, so I can proudly show my children my art when they peek over my shoulder.

The torture is gone… the darkness remains, but these days, it’s adorable!

More info:

Edward Scissorhands

Night King, Game of Thrones

Akasha, Queen of the Damned

Pinhead, Hellraiser

Ursula, Little Mermaid

Pennywise, IT

Edgar Allan Poe

Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty


Me, my husband and our little people playing “the floor is lava”… because it is!