I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist living and working in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My work typically consists of pure and good subjects in horrible situations and usually features children.

Superficially, I create concepts based purely on the desire to make myself laugh, but ultimately I create to connect to people. Their reactions, whether positive or otherwise, are what drives me.

More info: stoleninnocencephotography.com

Blood Dress


You’ll Float Too

Ties That Bind

Fractured Fairy Tales – Sleeping Beauty

The Incubus (pt. 1)

The Incubus (pt. 2)

She Talks to Angels (pt. 1)

She Talks to Angels (pt. 2)

She Talks to Angels (pt. 3)


The Puppetmaster

Fractured Fairy Tales – Cinderella


Dinner With Farrah

Let It Go

The Lure

Say Goodbye

Little Red Riding Hood



Mistress Raina

The Feast