What is the story you tell yourself every day? “I’m not as good as she is..”, “I’m not fit”, ”I don’t have willpower..”? These are the stories I told myself, and these are the stories I told others about myself. Until I realised… I was lying!

I want you to realise this now. I DARE YOU to change your story!

Take the 15 day challenge, make some time for yourself and start moving and loving your body and soul.

The inspiration for today comes from the forest. Observe how, from within, you have to chose paths, pass obstacles, protect yourself… Change your point of view, rise above the beaten track, rise above the hurdles. See how, from above, both the path, and the obstacles on it, melt in the beauty of this unbound pattern…

More info: mokitoka.com

Choose the path wisely…

…and rise above it