If you like unusual things (or just a Game of Thrones fan) then you should certainly pay attention to the ceramics by Russian artist Tatyana Slobodchikova. Amazing mugs, tea pots, and sugar bowls are not just tableware: the works represent fantasy creatures ready to burst fire.

The craftswoman mastered the slip molding technique while creating the dragons. After bases are done, she paints them herself to give a natural look — so you could see every detail, every piece of scale. Sometimes you can notice a snake weed on the back of ceramics — it’s the ancient Slavic symbol that protects its owner from malign forces, spirits, and sorcery. And what’s most important, the pieces are not just decor but functional things that can be used on the everyday basis.

I would like to tame one of those… Would you? ;)

More info: livemaster.com